>Soft Honey Dinner Buns


After a week full of sweets (cakes and cookies), I started getting worried of our sugar and cholesterol level. I wanted to bake something, which doesn’t require a cup of sugar or lots of butter. Even if I was using zero-cholesterol, 50%-off calorie-butter. And I am seriously trying not to include eggs in our food. And so as my Sis at Cells, Orange, suggested, I ventured to the world of baking bread. And my, is she right! It is indeed very exhilarating and more fulfilling!

This soft honey dinner buns recipe is from Cookingbread.com. It is very easy and they have a step-by-step illustrated procedure. It only cooks for 15 minutes tops, plus, it involves no eggs and instead of shortening, I just put an additional 2 tablespoons of butter. I used raisins, sesame seeds and cheese as filling or topping. And they are best served hot.

I have always bought this kind of bread from the supermarket because both Rad and I love the soft texture and they are really very nice for breakfast sandwiches (despite its name). I`ll do it again tomorrow and perhaps I will be able to come out with nicer shapes. Mangantayon!


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