>Never Beat a Muffin Batter

So sue me. I am new at this and mistakes are bound to happen. I was happy that I have muffin plates already so I tried them with the delicious banana-blueberry muffin recipe (and because of my excitement, I even put in choco chips! what the heck..). And since I have been making these quickbread recipes which I figured could also be turned into muffin delights so I thought, I had it all figured out. Well, I thought wrong. When the “muffins” came out of the oven, I thought they looked flat and a bit soft. Perhaps, I didn`t beat the batter well enough? No! I overdid it! Geez. Every muffin recipe should have the warning: “Never Beat the Batter!” for noobs like me.

Oh well, although they didn`t rise, they are still as good as I thought them to be. And Rad, bless his heart, said he loved them! (I even asked him to beat the mixture haha!). There is always next time.

5 responses to this post.

  1. >My bad! dear readers! My bad! And as a gesture of goodwill… I will have the honours to consume all that is to be consumed! Hahaha…


  2. >I see food and look so yummy.


  3. >oh i have had this happy hide it with fresh fruit on the top yummy though lol


  4. >I didn't know you could over beat muffins…that's good to know. These still look good though and glad that they taste great


  5. >as long as they taste good and they're "eatable" then go for it!-dmafia-


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