The Move!

Three or four major things happened after my last blogspot post.

First, the latest and the obvious, Mangantayon has moved from blogspot to its new home. And along with it, my sister, Marife, who is currently studying at Osaka University has come in as additional author of Mangantayon.  There is no contest that between the two of us, she is the better cook and writer so I am quite confident to say that posts here will be more interesting and delicious than my usual experiments.

Second, my family and I have also moved to a new city because of a new job. Goodbye Shizuoka and Fujisan! Hello Toyohashi! Until now, our apartment still looks as if the tsunami has just hit (I exaggerate, of course) or close to it. My sister and her husband has also moved to Osaka from Gifu at about the same time. So yes, the reason behind the lack of post is the moving.

Third, I have finally published my papers and graduated my ever so elusive degree. And no, I still do not feel as if people or I have to put the Dr. before my name, not until I have properly made my “aisatsu” and put things into order that is.

Fourth, after the big earthquake that hit Japan, I am glad to tell everybody that we are all safe. This is long overdue, I know. And well, honestly speaking, it was also because of that temblor that writing blogs took a backseat. We were always on our toes last March to the point that we slept with our outdoor clothes on for about 2 weeks till it was time to move to our new apartment. But that is another story. Suffice it to say that we are farther away from the site, and we are praying that no more disaster of that scale will ever hit Japan again.

And that is all from March till May.  Now on with the food!


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