>Spring and Strawberries and Toyohashi’s Morning Fair

After 6 months in Fuji City, we moved to Toyohashi City last March 28. Although we loved our charming rural neighborhood and our friends there, the convenience and flatlands of Toyohashi were most welcomed. In complete contrast to Hina, we are now at the center of the city where everything is accessible by just a few minutes walk plus the tram runs every 5 minutes for 150 yen! We are in a bigger but cheaper apartment and I can just ride my bicycle to work.

On our first Monday, we went to the city hall for the usual legalities and checked out what Toyohashi has to offer to its residents. I read about its Morning Fairs but it was not only till last Saturday that we had the opportunity to check it out. We woke up early and had a great walk to the site and I was in vegetable shopping heaven and Rad was shutter-excited! Only a small area of the sidewalk was used but after 7 years of doing my veggie shopping in supermarkets where everything has to be in their perfect shapes and so darned expensive, sidewalk vending is such a freshener! Sooo cheap plus you get to see the faces of the people who personally toiled to grow those veggies. It is now more personal and just so charming. It kinda reminds me of home.

Although haggling is not practiced here (except perhaps in flea markets), one old lady gave me a discount for buying the last of her strawberries. She said that it’s because I am not Japanese, I get the discount. I am not sure what that meant but I am not about to question a blessing.

So, those strawberries graced our breakfast plates for two days. On the first, I put them in between and on top some pancakes and on the second day, I made them into muffins. My first time to make muffins with strawberries and I just love how they turned out! Not too sweet and just enough moisture and great texture!


I’ll find more time to write about the Morning Fair soon. Since we moved, our apartment has not really settled yet (read: been cleaned!).


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