Don’t Do This At Home (The Bread Pudding Disaster)

Still high from my first pudding success, I ventured to try another one. I still have a lot of bread and some pineapple chunks left and Rad just came home with a lot of bananas. So this time, I thought I would include the bananas in the pudding. It works on cakes so it must work on puddings, too. And it would have, had I not messed up my recipe.

In my intent to cook a less-egg and ultimately an egg-less pudding, I looked for alternatives and I read about banana being a good substitute.  So, in my chemistry geniusness, I took 2 eggs out and put 3 bananas in.

I was very excited. The pudding seemed to be baking fine. I took it out of the oven. It looked beautiful, firm and of pudding consistency (or what I call “puddingy”), until I cut into it. It was all mushy inside! The bananas were not able to hold the ingredients together and it made the “pudding” sweeter than desired.

If it’s any consolation though, Kaye loved it! I guess, I can still recommend this as baby food after all!

(Note: Perhaps I should not have put the Mangantayon logo in the pic for I didn’t even eat this one!)


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