Choco Fondant

Rad and I used to binge on Beard Papa’s choco fondant. It costs 200 yen a piece and despite the high-calorie content, one was never enough for me. So, when Ken asked me to let him bake again, I showed him a picture of a choco fondant and he said “yes” right away.

We used the recipe from Videojug on How to make a choco fondant. Except that we didn’t add the mint. I used couverture bitter chocolate tablets and so I had to add the sugar. At this point, I would like to mention that at last, I noticed the labels of the chocolates I have been using and have finally educated myself on the types of chocolates used for baking and what those numbers mean. said that for a 70% chocolate, it means, it contains 30% sugar. Couverture on the other hand is a very high quality chocolate which must be at least 54% cocoa solids and is mostly used for dipping, coating, garnishing and molding, so yes, ooops. I have been using couverture chocolate in all my previous recipes.  This is what I had become eversince I came to Japan. It looked like chocolate, so it is chocolate and thus can be used when a recipe calls for a chocolate. Now that I have educated myself, I went back and read the packaging of all the chocolates I have and true enough, everything said, they are good for coating! Not that they are not good for something else other than that though.Now I really don’t know the difference had I used the normal baking chocolate but the important thing is, they all turned out good.

So anyway, with the choco fondant, I got to use my new silicon muffin cups too. Despite that, I still followed the directions and coated the cups with butter and cocoa powder. They all came out good. So good that Ken ate 3 immediately. Rad and I were only able to share 1 between us. The other, Ken wanted to save it for his breakfast  (I know, it is not good mothering.). Good thing though is, I was able to make a 1200 yen worth of Choco Fondant for just less than 500 yen plus some quality time with Ken.


2 responses to this post.

  1. choco fondant looks really yummy…i will make this one soon and i’m sure hubby and my daughter will love this too 🙂


  2. Thanks for visiting. My son never forgot this. He calls it “the cake with chocolate coming out”.


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