One rainy and chilly winter day in one of my schools, the principal asked me if I would like some Amazake. Naturally I didn’t know what it was and the only thing that my ears caught was the word “sake” which is of course, wine or alcohol and thus, made me wonder how come she was offering me one! Is this school sooo different from the others that they can drink sake during work hours? After the double take, I just had to ask again if she was serious. She laughed. No, Amazake is not all alcoholic. It is “amai” or sweet and it is called “sake” because it is rice fermented with Aspergillus oryzae, same fungus that they use to make rice wine. She said that not many are drinking it these days because it is very old custom to drink amazake in winter.

It was indeed so sweet you wouldn’t believe it didn’t contain any sugar at all. They say it is a good cure for hangover. With its sweetness, I think that is true. (I am not about to drink myself to oblivion to prove that.) For those who are not so keen about adding sugar as sweetener, this is a good alternative.


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  1. akala ko lugaw o arozcaldo ito sis, hehe. mukhang masarap 🙂


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