It’s Spring! (Wagashi)

ImageOne year in Toyohashi! It has been a great year for the family. So many blessings. So many friends. So many opportunities. Ken begins his last year in preschool while Kaye will hopefully begin her first year in October. Rad goes to a new journey in his career and while I will still be in the same post doing the same job, I hope that it will be a great year of teaching. With the blooming of flowers and sprouting of seeds,  I pray that the next cycle of seasons will bring forth as many blessings and opportunities for everyone.

The picture above is a Wagashi (和菓子) made from sweet azuki (Vigna angularis) bean paste. They come in many types, colors and shapes. It is spring so this wagashi is shaped liked the sakura or cherry blossom. It is best paired with tea.


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